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About The IfweBantu Social Network

The IfweBantu Social Network is a multi-tier online social network that seeks to engage people, instigate discussion and also promote online trade via the use of online shops, advertising, classifieds, links, jobs and business directories. It has a diversity of integrated features that neatly manage blogs, videos, video-feeds, music, photos, forums, groups, events, chat, polls and online shops.

Our target is to try and inspire fellow Africans trying to be proud of their motherland and heritage, despite Africa's tumultuous and often volatile history, and its largely misconceived present; to motivate others in rediscovering themselves spiritually, and also in passing on the virtues of respect, pride and knowledge and self-knowledge onto others.

In these intellectual engagements, we will seek to variously address self-identity issues concerning skin-bleaching, educational brainwashing, personal character and behaviour patterns (especially among Africans in Europe, but also those in Africa), how feminine emancipation, in its popular sense, not only has a positive but—in our view—also a negative impact on women, plus concepts and ideas from the public, and much more.

It features stand-alone directories for articles, links, classifieds, job posts, listings and businesses. IfweBantu primarily wishes to churn out information into the public domain concerning young as well as adult Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora. The Social Network is very keen on uplifting the image and culture of Africa by sharing blog posts, articles, videos, music, pictures, stories, poems and other similar artistic works.

The website is a privately-owned domain that operates as a fully-fledged online social network with which anyone can register, and we encourage anyone to register: Africans, writers, students, musicians, artists and even businesses. Basic registration is free of course. As a (first-time) online guest one can create a unique membership profile (with a Username) that distinctly identifies one, and then access—(via the link "My Apps" in one's member profile panel tabs)—an array of diverse features and applications to:

Keep oneself informed and updated on current trends in a fun and fast way!
Meet like-minded interesting people, exchange music and ideas.
Create an online social-networking profile that suits one. Edit one's page layout toone's liking or integrate one's own CSS, where applicable.
Stay in touch with loved ones, family and friends via one's mailing/messaging account.
Invite friends to join so one can connect live with them directly, in real time.
Make friends and meet online business contacts.
Know what one's friends or others in one's network are up to, via the Recent Activity Feed.

Add a Business Listing to the business directory.

Add one's website's link to the open Links directory.
Use ad campaigns to advertise one's website(s), business(es) or business product(s) or service(s).
Make e-commerce, e-payment processing and online trading be only a finger-tip away.
Post jobs or search for jobs in the jobs directory, search career opportunities, make rewarding friendships.
Expand one's online universe and interests or boost one's affiliated associations' web presence.
Create and organise own photo albums.
Upload pictures or videos for free.
Advertise or sell one's music or share one's favourite music for free.
Sell or buy electronic and physical stuff in the IfweBantu Online Shop or from shops operated by Users.
Start one's very own blog at the word go!
Instigate discussion, post comments to anything else posted, or share in the forum exchange.
Place an unlimited number of classifieds, with free image-upload and image-hosting services.
Create or join groups or an online society, choose one's favourite network or suggest or create a sub-network.
Choose from a variety of user-specific sub-networks and find or suggest one that meets one's needs.
Manage one's own personal events calendar.
Chat live in real time with friends and contacts.
Create or participate in online user polls.
Keep tabs on all relevant, even personal, member/user statistics.
Consult FAQ if in need of quick answers to basic questions.
Share only info one really would like shared with others, as one will specify in one's profile privacy settings.

The strict privacy setting configurations of the website enable one the full power to override things and decide what information about oneseld one'd like to share with everyone, or no-one, or only with one's friends, or a select few, or only with others in the (main) network or a sub-network of the social network: This also includes the possibility for each member to specifically set whether their content should be spidered or not by the IfweBantu portal search engine, thereby the possibility to completely exclude any profile content from even being searchable, or being found or able to be found, by the search engine. Such settings may be handy with e.g. personal photo albums.

All put in a nutshell, the IfweBantu Social Network is the better way to get involved!

Any further queries can be forwarded via contact form on that webiste anytime.

The professional, open, honest, safe and clean maintenance of data is what the IfweBantu Social Network does best!

URL: http://www.ifwebntu.com

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