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 2010-02-05 02:26 am Back to NEWS
New Political Party Born in Zambia
 Member of Parliament Charles Milupi addressing Zambians in London

Outspoken Independent Luena Member of Parliament Charles Milupi has disclosed that he has registered a political party. Speaking during a whistle stop visit at the Africa Centre in London on Saturday evening, Milupi who was en-route from Brussels where he had gone to preside over the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Parliamentary Assembly, disclosed that he has registered the Alliance for Democratic Development (ADD) and it will soon be launched.

“It is not a secret; we have registered a viable vehicle which will usher the country into a new era. Do not read into what you are being told that it is a regional party, we have done our homework and have laid foundation structures throughout the country and you will be informed as to when we are going to launch it.

Since independence, only two parties have ruled the country, the United National Independence Party (UNIP) and The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD)”

He said it was because of special circumstances that the two parties managed to ascend to office.
“The circumstances are right for us now and this force is unstoppable.” He said.

He disclosed that together with his colleagues, whom he did not name, they have looked at the existing alternatives and did not find them inspiring, given the ideological differences.

He bemoaned the fact that Zambia, which was richer than some far east economies, has become poorer and dependant on donors to meet its annual budgets and targets, despite being endowed with a lot of mineral resources and being home to three quarters of the waters of southern Africa.

“It is not right that 46 years after independence, Zambia should be classified as a Least Developed Country (LSC) when we were richer than countries like South Korea at independence.

What those Asian countries did right is that they invested in education. It is not right for us to say a presidential candidate should have a minimum of a first degree when we have not done much to invest in education.”

Milupi said the health sector was equally neglected, as people were still needlessly dying of preventable disease.

He attributed the malaise the country is in, to poor management of the country’s resources, which includes low mineral royalties, adding that at the rate the country was going it was not possible to attain the millennium development goals by 2030.

He said the government was not doing much to assist livestock farmers, citing that both Southern and Western Provinces, had more cattle in the sixties and seventies, than a neighbouring country, which has invested in manufacturing of drugs for animals, and is thus able to export its meat products into the European Markets.

In a vote of thanks, Chilekwa Mumba of the Citizens Democratic Party applauded Milupi. In a speech read on his behalf by Andrew Ngosa, he said if the country was to move forward, there was need to have a radical shift in the way politics was practiced.

“It is no secret that as a developing nation, politics are the front-lines in the war against the poverty our country is burdened with. It is therefore extremely important that the nature of politics we choose to engage in effectively counters the challenges we are faced with. No society or nation can say that politics are a waste of time and hope to progress. Politics when practiced in the right manner have benefited and advanced societies world-over. It is abundantly clear that in Zambia, especially over the past fifteen years, our politics have lost direction and degraded to a comedy of sorts at the expense of our country’s betterment. Thus we find ourselves dubbed as a “third-world” country.

“Mr. Milupi has been a "lone ranger" on Zambia's flawed political scene, who has thankfully refused to conform to playing “Zambian politics as usual", and we will do well to applaud and encourage his stance.

Meanwhile, convener of the Africa Centre meeting Godwin Mbikusita-Lewanika commended Milupi for finding time in his busy schedule to address the gathering.

“We appreciate that you are a busy person, yet you still managed to be with us at short notice. We look forward to more of such meetings with you and wish you well.” He Said.


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