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 2010-04-03 11:33 am Back to NEWS
Political Earthquake in Lambaland

Ghanaians have a saying that "If one is unhappy, the cause for one's unhappiness is within oneself."

They use this proverb to encourage the acceptance of responsibility for one's challenging circumstances instead of blaming others for it. Terrence Findlay should learn something from this proverb and accept responsibility for his challenging circumstances.

After revealing his hatred for the late president Levy Mwanawasa and the Lamba people to Lusaka lawyer Wynter Kabimba, and following the condemnation and disapproval the revelation attracted, Findlay now wants to accuse George Mpombo of twisting his statement for political reasons. He is also saying that people who do not want him to bounce back as Copperbelt Province MMD chairman are fighting him.

This is a lot of nonsense. The best Findlay could do is to take responsibility for his wrongs. He is now as vulnerable as a monkey that has moved down from a tree. In expressing his hatred for Levy and the Lambas, Findlay has allowed himself to be vulnerable. And instead of blaming others for his behaviour, he should take full responsibility and correct the mischief.

We say this because it is clear that Wynter Kabimba did not dream up this story against Findlay. Wynter is an honourable man who is above such petty politics. The same can be said about George Mpombo.

Findlay's position on Levy is not a secret. If he thought it is, then he should know that it is an open one. We have not forgotten the issues that led to Findlay's demotion in MMD a few years ago. Among other things, Findlay was arrested and charged for the offence of defilement. And we remember that there was an uproar from both members of the MMD and the public. They didn't want Findlay in a leadership position within MMD because such an allegation against him undermined his credibility as a leader.

But to justify his hatred for Levy, Findlay says Levy and his fellow Lambas wanted to send him to prison for 15 years. However, we have difficulties to understand how Levy or the Lambas can be linked to Findlay's arrest for defilement.

Without doubt, Findlay is on a futile mission, one that is so irrational that it cannot be fulfilled. And the more he tries to justify himself, the more he will be aggravating the situation.

The best for him is just to own up and do the most honourable thing, apologise to the Lambas and try to normalise the relationship. However, we doubt if Findlay will have the courage to do this. We say this because we are aware that what Findlay said against the Lambas was not as a result of a slip of the tongue. This is the language that is shared by many who are close to Rupiah today. Speaking ill of Levy and what he tried to accomplish in his tenure as president is all too common in Rupiah's circles. This is why Findlay who is vying to bounce back as MMD Copperbelt provincial chairman has the audacity to denounce Levy and the Lambas. He is not going against MMD party policy. In fact, for Rupiah and his minions who have betrayed Levy, he is spot-on.

We say this because even Frederick Chiluba who can no longer hide his corrosive hatred for Levy is today Rupiah's best friend. Chiluba thinks Levy attempted to inconvenience him when he was pursued for plunder of national resources. In fact, one will not be far from the truth if they said that Chiluba received the news about Levy's death with a sigh of relief. It was a blessing in disguise.

No wonder he was quick to run back to the MMD, the party he ditched for the opposition Patriotic Front, because Rupiah Banda was tipped to succeed him.

But this is what is happening around Rupiah. The question is why? Why are the likes of Chiluba and Findlay allowed to denounce Levy at will?

As we said before, it is clear that Findlay is angry that he was prosecuted for allegedly defiling a minor. Why should Levy be blamed for the prosecution of Findlay?

This same question can be asked in relation to Chiluba. Why should Chiluba be angry that he was prosecuted on allegations of plunder? What was Levy supposed to do as president when there were serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing?

What is it that Levy did not do for them that makes them so angry? By the same token, what is Rupiah doing that makes him their darling?

We say this because it is very clear that both Findlay and Chiluba are grateful to Rupiah for something. They appreciate his conduct in relation to themselves, which is why they seem to be making the comparison with Levy who they keep denouncing.

We do not think Levy did anything wrong to these friends of ours. The only wrong he committed was to refuse to use his office to defend allegations of criminal wrongdoing. No one in his right mind can say that Findlay should not have been prosecuted in view of the serious allegations that he faced. The same is true about Chiluba. No one who lived in Zambia during the ten years that Chiluba was president can, with any honest, claim that Chiluba ran the affairs of the state in an honest and upright fashion.

One of the most outstanding qualities that he exhibited was a failure to distinguish between his private financial affairs and government affairs. This is why one of the lasting legacies of his tenure is the now infamous brown envelope, which came to represent a culture of pervasive corruption.

What does Rupiah's silence over the tribal sentiments by Findlay against his predecessor say? It is very clear that Rupiah's government, in a mistaken belief that it is consolidating its hold on power has decided to attempt to purge the memory of Levy and his efforts out of the corridors of power. No one can stop them doing this. It is their entitlement. But embracing thieves like Chiluba and tolerating people like Findlay who are inflaming tribal sentiments against our brothers and sisters in the Lambaland is grave political miscalculation.

This is what happens when people try to run government devoid of principles. Rupiah, in trying to strengthen his hold on power, has given up his moral right to it. To quote George Mpombo,
the MMD are risking a major political earthquake in Lambaland.

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