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 2010-06-29 04:18 am Back to NEWS
Hichilema is greedy, loves dollars very much - Kunda
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema. The Post

Vice-President George Kunda on Sunday charged that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is a greedy person who loves dollars very much.

But Hichilema yesterday said Vice-President Kunda is an embarrassment to the nation and to the legal profession and should not be jealousy of his business enterprise.

Addressing MMD members at Mufulira Municipal Council on Sunday, Vice-President Kunda charged that PF-UPND pact leaders Michael Sata and Hichilema were desperate politicians who would plunder the country's economy if given chance to hold government power.

Vice-President Kunda said Zambians had refused to vote for the two opposition leaders over the past years because they had taken notice of their "criminal tendencies" in their blood.

He charged that Hichilema was a greedy person who contributed to the sufferings of the people through privatisation of various companies.

Vice-President Kunda said Hichilema had no moral right to talk about the sale of Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Zamtel) because he contributed to the collapse of companies such as RAMCOZ (Roan Antelope Mining Corporation of Zambia) of Luanshya where he got away with a lot of money.

"Although Hichilema is criticising the sale of Zamtel, he was behind the suffering of many people because of the privatisation programme of many companies especially here on the Copperbelt and government has records in the Ministry of Finance to show this.

He went away with a lot of money from RAMCOZ and people were left in poverty because of Hichilema. Even the former president Fredrick Chiluba has disclosed that he (Hichilema) went away with $12 million from Binani who was running the company then. He is a greedy person who loves dollars very much," Kunda said.

Kunda said Sata and Hichilema were thirsty politicians who wanted to get into power at all costs.

He said it was regrettable that dishonest politicians were able to convince innocent people that they were able to deliver when they had noting to offer.

"I came here in Mufulira to explain what government is doing for the people. The PF and the UPND are out there lying to people and giving them unrealistic promises. God forbid they will never form government, maybe hundred years from now," Vice-President Kunda said.

When contacted for comment, Hichilema wondered who was in charge of government.

"Who is in government? Is it Hakainde or George Kunda and Rupiah Banda? Who is failing to deliver medicines in hospitals? Is it Hakainde or it is George Kunda and Rupiah Banda? Who has been running government since 1991 is it 1991? Is it Hakainde or the MMD where George Kunda and Rupiah Banda belong?

Who was responsible for privatisation, is it Hakainde or the MMD? Unless they are admitting that Hakainde was so strong. Only a foolish team will think like that; a foolish team of George Kunda," he said.

Hichilema said people know that the MMD government privatised RAMCOZ under Chiluba's reign.

He said records were there to show who was in charge of privatisation programme and that only a "a fool like Kunda" could not read records.

"I think his brain has gotten impaired a bit," he said.

He can't call me greedy. I am businessman working for myself. I am not like them who live off government. I employ more people than them, George Kunda and Rupiah Banga put together."

Hichilema said President Banda and George Kunda were the ones that had sold Zamtel corruptly.

"Our contention is not the sale of Zamtel but that they picked RP Capitals without tender, corruptly with Rupiah Banda. I don't know what sort of lawyer George Kunda is. If a lawyer can fail to advice government, as justice minister, against breaking the Public Procurement Act and they want to blame Hakainde, that's why they should step aside so that Hakainde and his team can take over.

Zamtel was under-valued, the appointment of RP Capital over a cup of tea with Dora (Siliya), am sure they are sharing commissions now. Zamtel was under-valued, the fibre optic network... . That George Kunda is an embarrassment, he is a disgrace to the legal profession and he must not be jealous of Hakainde's business enterprise," he said.

Hichilema warned that the Zamtel sale would be revisited because of the corruption of President Banda, Vice-President Kunda and Siliya.

"George Kunda is a fake lawyer, no young lawyer must emulate George Kunda. He must prepare to exit government house," he said.

Hichilema said the MMD leaders were desperate because the UPND was uprooting MMD in the rural areas where they steal votes.

Meanwhile, Vice-President Kunda asked MMD members in Mufulira and other parts of the Copperbelt to explain government policies.

He said the MMD government had achieved great success by making sure that the country had a stable economy.

He said the MMD was the only realistic party because of efficient service delivery it had demonstrated to people adding that it had managed the nation's resources progressively well particularly in infrastructure development.

"We have done well in road construction in Ndola and Kitwe in partnership with the Japanese government under JICA programme. The situation is the same in Luanshya and Chingola, we are working hard to improve the road network," Kunda stated.

He said government was aware about the bad state of the Mufulira - Sabina road and promised that all dilapidated main roads in the district would be worked on.

Vice-President Kunda said there was need for people to appreciate that the MMD government was managing the limited national resources effectively and in a transparent manner.

"We acknowledge that we have limited resources in the national coffers, about K17 trillion and every citizen of this country is looking up to that money. That's why as government we are working hard to invest in the social sector in order to empower every citizen of this country," he said.

And speaking when he attended mass at St Patrick's Parish in Mufulira, Vice-President Kunda said government greatly valued the Catholic Church's efforts in promotion of peace and tranquility in the country.

He said the Catholic Church had been a partner in development looking at the tremendous work it was executing in various parts of the country.

He said the homily that was shared by the parish priest Fr Steve Katebe was inspiring and critical in the governance of the nation.

During his homily Fr Katebe said God had called everyone to serve His Kingdom in various ways hence the need for every individual to answer the Lord's call with humility and sacrifice for the betterment of mankind.

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