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 2009-06-27 11:06 pm Back to NEWS
Be Wary of Trouble Makers - Banda

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has advised Zambians to be wary of people whose sole aim is creating conflicts among citizens.

Mr Banda said it was sad that there were people who were bent on making Zambians fight among themselves.

The president said this at State House after he swore in Dora Siliya as Minister of Education, chief of staff at State House Austin Sichinga, Drug Enforcement Commissioner (DEC) Aaron Zulu and several other permanent secretaries.

"I am asking the country not to join those whose business is to make Zambians fight one another," he said.

Mr Banda said he was happy that Ms Siliya had cleared herself of allegations, which were leveled against her while she served as Communications and Transport minister concerning the privatisation of Zamtel.

Mr Banda said it was good people in Zambia knew what transpired in the process of the Zamtel privatisation and that Ms Siliya was cleared of all charges.

He said when he became Republican president, Ms Siliya was already a Cabinet minister. He was impressed with her performance hence reappointing her as Education minister.

He said his Government was a strong believer in the country's legal system. Several people had gone through tribunal probes and were still reappointed by previous leaders, the president said.

Those who were sworn in, as permanent secretaries were Gladys Kristafor in the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, Ngosa Chisupa at the Management Development Division at Cabinet Office and Dominic Sichinga at the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

Former University of Zambia (UNZA) development studies lecturer Francis Chigunta was also sworn in as chief analyst -political, Kenneth Ngosa as senior private secretary at the office of the Vice-President.

Mr Banda urged the permanent secretaries to ensure that they implemented the measures, which he announced during this week's Press conference on reducing Government expenditure.

Mr Banda said the permanent secretaries had joined the Government at the time Zambia was faced with various problems arising from the global economic crisis.

"I will count upon you to implement the things that I talked about during the Press conference. You should cut on expenditure in all ministries including State House," he said.

The president said the money, which would be saved after the reduction on Government expenditure, would be used for developmental projects aimed at eradicating poverty.

On the appointment of Dr Chigunta, Mr Banda said he was impressed with his objectivity on various public issues.

Mr Banda said he had keenly followed Dr Chigunta's contributions to the development of Zambia.

On the appointment of Mr Zulu, the president said DEC played an important role in the governance of the country.

Mr Banda said Mr Zulu was best suited for the job as he had vast experience in the civil service and had the necessary academic qualifications.

AND when he received letters of credence from the new Swedish Ambassador to Zambia, Marie Anderson De Frutos, Mr Banda warned that his administration will deal with greedy civil servants undermining Government's efforts to fight poverty.

Mr Banda said it was sad to note that Government efforts to eradicate poverty and provide quality health services to the people were being undermined by a few greedy individuals.

"It is sad, though, that our efforts to eradicate poverty, let alone to provide quality health services to our people, are being undermined by few greedy individuals. My administration will deal decisively with corrupt elements, he said.

Meanwhile, President Banda has welcomed Swedish investments in Zambia.

He said Swedish investments into Zambia were in line with the resolve by the two countries to improve the economy and welfare of the people.

Mr Banda said his administration had identified agriculture, tourism, mining and manufacturing as priority sectors in its economic development efforts.

Mr Banda urged Ms De Frutos to encourage the Swedish business community to enter into partnerships with their Zambian counterparts to explore the immense potential existing in the sectors.

Ms De Frutos said her Government had worked with the Zambian Government in the health sector since independence.

Ms De Frutos said Sweden welcomed the action taken by the authorities with regard to the embezzlement of funds at the Ministry of Health.

She said her government was concerned by the information that the embezzlement of funds had been going on for several years in the Ministry of Health.

Ms De Frutos said Sweden would continue to be an active and constructive partner to Zambia and would continue to constantly highlight her overall goal for global development.

And speaking after receiving the letters of credence from Belgian ambassador to Zambia Paul Jansen, President Banda said the two countries had signed an investment promotion and protection agreement aimed at strengthening economic cooperation through the creation of favourable conditions for investments.

Mr Banda expressed Government's appreciation to the Belgian government for its decision to cancel Zambia's debt.

He said debt cancellation would help Government's efforts to alleviate poverty in Zambia.

Mr Jansen said it was his hope that trade relations would increase between Zambia and Belgium.

Mr Jansen said Belgium was currently buying its copper from Zambia.

He commended Zambia for being a shining example in the region in the field of good governance which was backed up by prudent management of national resources.

He urged other countries in the region to emulate Zambia.

(Times of Zambia)

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