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 2011-05-23 09:01 pm Back to NEWS
Sata’s West campaigns hit snag

By Times Reporter

Western Province Minister Richard Mwapela has said Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata is stuck for campaign messages for the province because most of the projects he is claiming he intends to undertake are already being done by President Rupiah Banda’s Government.

Mr Mwapela said in Mongu yesterday that most of the projects Mr Sata had been claiming in Western Province during a live Oblate Liseli Catholic Radio Station had already been done.

“When Mr Sata featured on Oblate Liseli Radio and during his rallies, he has been claiming that he will work on Lukulu-Katunda Road, Lukulu-Watopa Road into North-Western Province Senanga-Sesheke Road, Kalabo-Sikongo Road and that he would build a bridge across Zambezi River to Senanga”.

“When you look at our provincial reports on development, all roads he is talking about are already being worked on by the Government. Senanga-Sesheke Road, the contractor is on site and works have already begun,” Mr Mwapela said.

He said President Banda’s Government has spent more than K2.2 trillion on developmental projects such as schools, roads infrastructure, healthy centres and other infrastructure in the province which the people highly appreciated.

During his campaign trails in the province and live radio programmes, Mr Sata had been claiming he would repair roads which had already been done.

“It is very difficult for anyone including Mr Sata to cheat the people here because they are seeing development, schools, roads and infrastructure the Government is carrying out,” Mr Mwapela said.

A spot check by Times yesterday revealed that works were going on on the Senanga-Sesheke Road where a bridge was supposed to be constructed across the Zambezi to connect two districts.

And Senanga District Commissioner (DC) Kwalombota Mwanei said the tarring of Mongu-Sesheke would commence soon.

Speaking in an interview at the site, Mr Mwanei said the road was significant to open Western province with other countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

“You can see for yourself that the contractor on site and this was just a virgin land a lot of work has already been done.

Soon the contractor will start tarring the road between Senanga-Lui river.“This road has lot of economic importance because once completed, it will open up the province and people will be able to move well in the SADC region,” he said.

The DC said the Government was building several schools and other health infrastructure facilities in the district and people were impressed with President Banda.

In the agriculture sector, Mr Mwanei said people in the district had been able to sell several bags of maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) during the marketing season.

And the people in the Western Province have expressed happiness with the increased levels of development in the area with former permanent secretary in the province Ikanuke Nooyo commending President Rupiah Banda for committing and disbursing more than K2.2 trillion in development projects in just more than two years he has been president.

Western Province Permanent Secretary Seth Muleya has said the Government had so far spent K2,256,878,919,675 on various developmental projects in the province spread in all the seven districts of the region.

Mr Nooyo said in Mongu yesterday that the province was witnessing increased development in the last two years of President Banda. “The development projects we are talking about are things that the people are seeing.

Government is building schools, hospitals roads and other infrastructure in all the districts and constituencies in the province.

“It is only in Western Province that Government has committed K1.3 trillion to work on the Kalabo–Mongu Road which will be of great economic value not only to the province but to the country as a whole as it will open the country to other markets into Angola,” he said.

He said for a long time the Mongu–Kalabo Road had been outstanding and that it had to take President Banda’s Government to source for resources to build the road.

Mr Nooyo said the schools that Government was building and upgrading in all the areas would help improve the literacy levels and enhance economic development.

“Because of the infrastructure that is being constructed, the province is being opened up to economic activity and employment opportunities are being created for our children.

It is only prudent that as a people of this province, we support and vote for President Banda so that we give him another mandate,” he said.

He said President Banda had proved that he had a heart for the people of Western Province as demonstrated by the increased levels of development by his Government.

MMD provincial secretary Fine Likando said the people of the province were happy about the developments that President Banda had undertaken in the province.

Mr Nyambe Siyoto of Simbondwe Village in Chief Kaongolo’s area in Kalabo said the people were now beginning to benefit from the Government.

Mr Siyoto, who was in Mongu to purchase building materials, said in an interview that he was happy that Government had committed and commissioned the construction of the Mongu Kalabo Road.

“For us, we can’t wait for the completion of the Mongu-Kalabo Road, that is probably the biggest gift that President Banda would have given to us the people of Kalabo,” he said.

He said he was also happy that Government was constructing schools and hospitals in his area.

Mr Lisimba Lisimba also commended Government for the development though he said that there was need for more to alleviate poverty. Meanwhile, Mr Muleya said Government had disbursed more than K2.2 trillion for development projects in the province.

He said Government had spent K1,340,998,909,761, for Kalabo, K34,778,817,214 in Kaoma, K34,928,151,034 in Lukulu and K37,454,374,031 in Mongu.

“We have spent K724,129,200,046 in Senanga, K48,246,488,187 in Sesheke and K33,383,362,090 in Shang’ombo districts,” he said.

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