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 2011-06-28 01:23 pm Back to NEWS
Dr Chiluba put to rest
Defence personnel carry the casket of second Republican president Frederick Chiluba during the funeral service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka on Monday June 27, 2011.

Second republican President Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba has been put to rest at Embassy Park in Lusaka.

The burial started with a funeral programme at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka Monday morning.

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation carried live the proceedings of the funeral.

Zambians countrywide watched the funeral and burial live on screens mounted in various places.

Speaking during the burial, President Banda said the death of second republican president Dr Frederick Chiluba has taken Zambian by surprise.

And President Banda appealed to all Zambians still holding ill will against Dr Chiluba to learn to forgive one another.

President Banda says he was one of the last people to see Dr Chiluba at his request before proceeding to mourn his maternal uncle Mr Mwase Banda in Chipata.

Mr Banda says when he met Dr Chiluba, their talk was about the country, after which Dr Chiluba wished president Banda a safe trip to Chipata.

President Banda says the death of Dr Chiluba has prematurely robbed Zambia of another leader, because not too long ago, the country lost Dr Levy Mwanawasa.

President Banda says he found it difficult that Dr Chiluba has died because the parting of a friend is always a sad occasion.

Mr Banda says Zambians will always remember Dr Chiluba for the many good things he did, among them the house empowerment programme.

President Banda says "…Dr Chiluba ensured Zambian have security of owning houses", and was an extraordinary man.

Mr Banda says Dr Chiluba from early life believed in seeking equality and justice.

And president Banda has praised Dr Chiluba for laying Zambia's foundation for today's development.

Mr Banda says the development Zambia is recording today is as a result of Dr Chiluba's economic reform and privatisation programmes.

Mr Banda says his government and that of Dr Mwanawasa have continued to build on the foundation laid by Dr Chiluba and the MMD.

President Banda also says Dr Chiluba championed democracy in Zambia.

He has also thanked first republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda for accepting defeat in the 1991 elections.

Mr Banda is also praying that Zambia will continue having free and fair elections, in memory of Dr Chiluba.

He says since the 1991 multiparty elections, Zambia has held three free and fair elections, a legacy that Dr Chiluba has left.

Mr Banda has further eulogized Dr Chiluba for introducing Press Freedom Zambians enjoy today.

Mr Banda is also appealing to Zambians to pray for Regina Chiluba and children.

He says the family will now need the support of society as the person they leaned on is no more.

Mr Banda has commended both local and foreign mourners who turned out in numbers to witness the burial of Dr Chiluba.

At regional level, Mr Banda says Dr Chiluba worked hard to strengthen SADC and COMESA.

Dr Chiluba has been put to rest at Embassy Park in Lusaka, where Dr Levy Mwanawasa is buried.


And former President of Tanzania Benjamin Mkapa says he and Dr Chiluba worked hard to strengthen economic and bilateral relations.

Mr Mkapa says as a result, Zambia's economic impact initiated by Dr Chiluba has not only been felt by Zambians, but SADC and the African Union.

Mr Mkapa says Dr Chiluba was not only at the centre of the labour movement in Zambia, but also a pioneer of the country's democracy.

And Mr Mkapa has commended President Rupiah Banda and his government for according Dr. Chiluba a dignified state funeral.

Mr Mkapa has also called on Zambians to remain united following the death of Dr Chiluba.

Church Service

Earlier in the day, President Rupiah Banda led thousands of people to the funeral church service of Second republican president Dr Frederick Chiluba at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

First lady Thandiwe Banda, vice president George Kunda, his wife Ireen, Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila and cabinet ministers were also in attendance at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Other foreign dignitaries include Zimbabwean prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwean vice President Joyce Mujuru, and former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa and Katanga governor Moses Katumbi.

The body of Dr Chiluba arrived at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 09:10 hours from Mulungushi International Conference centre where it lay in state for two days.

Dr Chiluba's body was carried on the Howitzer 105 mounted on the gun cortege from Mulungushi International Conference through Great East road into Addis Ababa Drive to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Officers from the defence forces lined up the street from Mulungushi to the cathedral and each saluted as the cortege carrying Dr Chiluba's casket passed.


And hundreds of people in Chipata gathered at the College of Education Main Hall where they followed the live broadcast of the burial procession for Dr. Chiluba on ZNBC Television.

The Main Hall was filled to capacity by people from all walks of life.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Eularia Mwale was also part of the solemn gathering which keenly followed the procession on the large public screen.

Dr. Effron Lungu, regional manager for Zambia Open University, said the country will forever remember Dr. Chiluba because of the many achievements he scored in the political and social arena.

And a Chipata resident, Hassan Ashok, said the country must come out more united after the death of its second president.


In Kabwe hundreds of people from all walks of life converged at the Civic Centre to watch second republican president Dr. Frederick Chiluba's burial procession live on ZNBC Television.

The residents from the church, civil society organisations, political parties and ordinary citizens assembled to follow Dr. Chiluba's funeral procession on big screen.

Business in the central part of the town came to a standstill as most of the shops were closed.

President Rupiah Banda declared Monday a public holiday, to allow Zambians witness the burial of Dr Chiluba.

Addressing the gathering, Chaplain Sergeant Kelvin Nyirongo prayed that the nation remains peaceful as the country mourns one of its great sons.

Sergeant Nyirongo also asked God to unite all Zambians regardless of their political back ground in order to give Dr. Chiluba a funeral befitting his status.

And Zambia Police Chaplain Sergeant Charity Shula called on Christians not to relent in praying for Dr. Chiluba's family and the nation during the period of national mourning.

Sergeant Shula says it is important for the country to maintain the spirit of oneness especially at the time when the country is undergoing one of its worst moments.

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