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 2011-09-17 07:00 pm Back to NEWS
We'll stamp out corruption — Sata
PF leader MIchael Sata addresses a rally at Kaunda Square in Serenje yesterday 17.09.2011 The Post

PF is ready to change Zambia for good, says Michael Sata.

Addressing a mammoth rally in Mandevu, Sata said the MMD had failed to govern.

"MMD tell us what you have done, don't talk about Michael Sata. What we are seeing in Zambia today without Kenneth Kaunda there will be nothing. Rupiah Banda was my MP when I was a councillor in Bauleni," Sata said.

"Rupiah Banda came to take over when I left as Lusaka district governor. I was MP for Kabwata, Rupiah Banda was MP for Munali. So you can ask people of Kabwata and Munali what Rupiah Banda did in Munali and what I did in Kabwata."

He urged the people to liberate themselves by voting for PF next week.

"MMD has ruled us for 20 years. MMD has failed; they brought multi-partism but let us change so that we can tell them that we are ready to change Zambia and change it for good," Sata said.

"If you want to know the number of thieves, give us the vote, we shall show you the thieves. We are going to stamp out corruption and the money which is in Rupiah Banda's pocket will come into your pockets."

Sata also criticised the sale of Finance Bank to FNB.

"Finance Bank had the largest branches in Zambia. Finance Bank doesn't belong to Rupiah Banda and Caleb Fundanga Bank of Zambia Governor," Sata said.

"Finance Bank was not under liquidation and therefore Rupiah Banda cannot sell it because the buildings of Finance Bank alone are more than K27 billion."

He said already FNB, the new owner of the Bank has told workers of Finance Bank to resign and reapply for jobs.

He said President Banda started troubles with Finance Bank because the bank lent him money which he failed to pay.

And Sata complained about the double-standards being shown by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

"My dear young sister Priscilla Isaac ECZ director must realise that she is not the first person to be at ECZ. We had Mr Dan Kalale, where is he? My dear judge justice Irene Mambilima, how can she say we stop campaigning on Sunday and she allows Rupiah Banda on Monday to go and open a stadium?" Sata asked.

"Where I come from they say ukutangila tekufika. Today we are unemployed, today we are suffering… in Nyanja they say chabwela pa muzako chapita, mawa chili pali iwe."

He also cautioned Zesco Limited against being partisan.

"All the radio stations which are supposed to listen to us, they have shut power by Rupiah Banda but on 19th go and sleep outside the polling stations," Sata said. "I want to tell Zesco to be very careful. They are punishing the people of Zambia when they switch off power."

He urged the crowd to be alert and ignore the propaganda from the state media.

"On 19th they will start broadcasting that Mr Sata is dead. I would like to ask Mr Phiri from Times of Zambia, Mr Milimo from Zambia Daily Mail and Mr Mupeso from ZNBC to start counting down," he said.

He advised the crowd to receive all the gifts the MMD was distributing but vote for PF.

"Rupiah Banda is spending lots of money to the people of Zambia but you should just get that money, Don't kubeba," he said.

He said President Banda was a scared person because he did not take over MMD in a proper channel.

"Some few months ago, the same house in Makeni where the MMD was hiding the vehicles and bicycles that's where they are hiding fake ballot papers," he said.

He said the MMD was going round cheating soldiers that when he becomes president, soldiers would be sweeping the streets.

"Today, in the defence and security forces the commanders are those on contract. When PF is in government we have to reverse that because when you have people on contract you demoralise those who are not on contract," said Sata.

And PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba said the day was coming when President Banda would leave State House.

"For Rupiah Banda to get out of State House, it is going to depend on your vote. For Rupiah Banda to get out of State House, you must go out and vote for Michael Sata. Make sure you vote PF councillors, members of parliament and Michael Sata," Kabimba said.

"You young men and women, you are unemployed today because of Rupiah Banda's government." ...

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