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Development Today      

Development Today, founded in December 1991 by a group of Nordic journalists, is based on the simple conviction that the only true guarantee of editorial independence is full financial independence from the players in the aid field. This is the basic rule for press coverage of politics and business; aid deserves no special treatment.”

Category: *International >> Organisations >> Independent Networks >> Aid & Donations
Ministry of Lands         

The Ministry of Lands is charged with the critical responsibility of land administration, on behalf of the people of Zambia, and is responsible for the following portfolio functions as contained in Government Gazette Notice No. 547 of September 2004: Land Policy; Land Administration; Land surveys and mapping; Land and Deeds Registry; and provision of land for all purposes.

Category: Government & Politics >> Executive >> Ministries, Institutions & Departments >> Ministries
Moba Hotel & Convention Centre      

“Moba Hotel and Convention Centre is a contemporary and luxurious hotel with a sense of warmth and friendliness. Situated along the busy Ndola—Kitwe dual-carriage highway, 5 mins drive from Kitwe’s central business district, the hotel sits on land that slopes gently towards the Kafue River and overlooks lush green countryside. The Hotel was officiallly opened on 27th January 2011 by the Zambia Republican President Rupiah Banda.”

Category: Business & Internet >> Tourism, Travel & Nature >> Accommodation & Catering >> Hotels
African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)         

The African Peer Review Mechanism is an important undertaking for Africa and its people. Its main purpose is to bring about positive change by encouraging the adoption of policies, standards and practices that will bring political stability, economic growth and sustainable development, to ensure a better life for all Africans. The APRM encourages Africa and Africans, to adopt a culture of accountability and provides a means of addressing issues that can effect good governance such as corruption and misplaced priorities.

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> NGO's
Flava FM      

Kitwe, Zambia — Targeting the urban youth, Flava FM 87.7MHz went on air in March 2008. The idea of creating the station dates back to late 2004 and its incorporation in mid-2005. “Flava” is urban slang for “taste” and the station mix is tastefully varied but predominantly features hits from way back, including 1970s and 1980s R&B, rock, house, jazz, soul, gospel, ragga, kwaito, general African and Zambian music.”

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> T.V. & Radio
Ellen Banda-Aaku      
"Ellen Banda-Aaku is a published writer of books for children and short stories. Her first book for children, Wandi’s Little Voice, won the 2004 Macmillan’s Writers Prize for Africa. In 2007 her short story, Sozi’s Box, won the Commonwealth Short story competition. She has published three books for children and her short stories have appeared in anthologies published in Australia, South Africa the UK and the US."
Category: Arts & Culture >> Literature >> Writers
iBuy Online Services      

iBuy is a Zambian Internet retail business selling music Compact Disks (CDs), books, consumer electronic equipment and floral arrangements. Launched in 2009, iBuy is the first Zambian company to offer a full-cycle Business-to-Consumer e-commerce service, including the most innovative payment solution that uses point of sale terminals in every district in Zambia.

Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> Internet >> Services & Resources >> e-Commerce & Internet Marketing >> Online Shops / Shopping Carts
Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI)         

The Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which was founded in 2002 by then First Lady of the Republic of Zambia Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa. The mission of the organisation is to improve the lives of vulnerable communities especially Youth, Women and Children through providing them with skills and opportunities at both individual and national levels. This mission of the MMCI is derived from the organisation’s vision of a Zambia in which all individuals have equal access to opportunities in education, health and income generation.

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> NGO's
Zambia Episcopal Conference / Catholic Secretariat      
"The Catholic Secretariat is a Religious Institution which was formally established by the Zambia Episcopal Conference in 1959 when the Catholic Hierarchy was instituted by Pope Pius the XII. The Zambia Episcopal Conference is a body of Catholic Bishops of Zambia. Most of these bishops are in charge of territorial dioceses. The secretariat of the Zambia Episcopal Conference is popularly known as the Catholic Secretariat. We are situated in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area. This is a reasonably quiet residential area. "
Category: Organisations >> Religious >> Christian >> Other Institutions
Film Zambia      
"Film Zambia - The art and industry of Zambian Cinema."
Category: Arts & Culture >> Performing Arts >> Film
Bread of Life Church International (BLCI)      
"Bread of Life Church International (BLCI) was born from a prophetic word on 13th September 1992 from a small Baptist Church with 120 members, situated at plot # 136 Chinyunyu Road in Lusaka's Emmasdale – Zambia."
Category: Organisations >> Religious >> Christian >> Churches
"zampeople is all about zambian people, our culture and our country. Welcome to the good life."
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Group / Hobby / Project >> Standard Websites
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Berlin, Germany         
Official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Berlin, Germany.
Category: Government & Politics >> Executive >> Embassies Abroad
Zambian Shop in UK      
A Zambians' online shop in the UK offering "books, music, food, drinks, etc" for sale.
Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> Internet >> Services & Resources >> e-Commerce & Internet Marketing >> Online Shops / Shopping Carts
Children with Future in Zambia (CwFiZ)         

"Children with Future in Zambia (CwFiZ), is a registered non governmental organization which was founded on the fundamental principle of selflessly serving the vulnerable in the community with the ultimate aim of uplifting their social and economic status through empowerment."

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> NGO's
Zambia Diaspora Connect      
"The Zambia Diaspora Connect is an initiative of Zambians abroad to work with the Government of Zambia and friends of Zambia to enhance economic and social development. This blog discusses the work being undertaken and also provides an ongoing platform to discuss issues related to the Zambia diaspora. The blog is mantained by the interim Zambia Diaspora Connect Steering Group."
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Group / Hobby / Project >> Blogs
Muvi Television (Muvi TV)      

"Freedom of expression belongs to fundamental human rights, while free media is one of the most important condition for this very freedom and thus for the existence of a free society. At Muvi TV, we are not only aware of the responsibilities resting on our shoulders, but also of the opportunities we have, opportunities to change our life for the better. Since our first day on air, the 15th of June 2004, Muvi TV has been working hard to become a platform for free expression, to keep our voice free of fear and favour and to encourage free voices in our society."

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> T.V. & Radio
The Tongabezi Trust School      
"The Tongabezi Trust School was set up by Vanessa Parker, who was previously teaching as a volunteer in Livingstone. Vanessa is the wife of Ben, who established Tongabezi in 1990 together with the late William Ruck-Keene."
Category: Education & Training >> Schools >> Private Schools
Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc (Zanaco)      
A privately owned, formerly state-owned, banking institution in Zambia.
Category: Business & Internet >> Finance & Insurance >> Banking >> Banks
Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS)      

The Zambia News and Information Services is a department of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services. It came into being in 2005 following the merger of the Zambia News Agency (ZANA) and the Zambia Information Services (ZIS), as part of the restructuring exercise of the Zambia Public Service.

Category: Government & Politics >> Executive >> Ministries, Institutions & Departments >> Agencies & Departments
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