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"zampeople is all about zambian people, our culture and our country. Welcome to the good life."
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Group / Hobby / Project >> Standard Websites
Raise a Smile      
A website that pledges to "...introduce you to the work Raise a Smile is doing on sustainable development and education in Zambia. This site will be used to keep you updated on everything that's happening with our projects, our news and to let you know how your donations are being used to help improve the lives of children in Zambia."
Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> Charities
Zambian Chronicle      
"We are a private multi-media enterprise operating as www.zambianchronicle.com. This site is not about any single individual, it is about all of us … because “Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us – BRM”."

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> Internet >> e-Zines / eZines
Hardcastle Realtors      
"Hardcastle Realtors is Zambia's local real estate company, it is a registered real estate company which specialize[s] in sales and lettings, commercial properties, property management as well as property consultation."
Category: Business & Internet >> Real Estate >> Companies
Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Berlin, Germany         
Official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Berlin, Germany.
Category: Government & Politics >> Executive >> Embassies Abroad
Online Shop selling Zambian music, inncludig per download.
Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> Internet >> Services & Resources >> e-Commerce & Internet Marketing >> Online Shops / Shopping Carts
Maiko Zulu         

Official website of Maiko Zulu, formerly called St. Michael

"Maiko Zulu is a Zambian musician, human rights activist and a recognized International labour organisation child ambassador to Zambia. His work both in the music industry and human rights arena is well known both locally and internationally." -- From Wikipedia.

Category: Arts & Culture >> Performing Arts >> Music >> Artistes / Bands
Barclays Bank in Zambia      
Official website of Barclays Bank Zambia, one of the oldest banks operating in Zambia.
Category: Business & Internet >> Finance & Insurance >> Banking >> Banks
Hakainde Hichilema for President 2011      
A United Party for National Development (UPND) website ... (sort of 'mis-named') ... yet with a particular focus on its leader Hakainde Hichilema and the fight for the 2011 presidential elections.
Category: Government & Politics >> Political Parties
Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS)         

"The Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) is a leading provider of tuition in Business and Information Technology courses in the Southern African Region. Established by an act of parliament, the Centre has a mission to promote research and advancement of learning in Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, banking, Business Administration, Information Technology and any other related studies in the region."

Category: Education & Training >> Colleges
Zambia Blog Talk Radio (ZBTR)      
"ROLE: The key role of ZBTR is to enhance information exchange and promote intent presentation as possible. The station is committed to ensure Zambians are well informed through active interaction with Zambians involved in education, media , business, justice, governance and development."
Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> Internet >> Internet Radio
Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM)      
"The Zambia Institute of Mass Communication is an independent professional media training trust in Zambia. The institute was initially the in – service training wing of the Ministry of Information and broadcasting when it was first established in the early 1980’s. It has since then seen a lot of change and transformation where now it is mandated to offer professional media and communication training for audiences from within and outside Zambia. This mandate comes well stipulated through the ZAMCOM Act of 1996 in the parliament of the republic of Zambia."
Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> Bodies
British High Commission in Zambia         
"UK in Zambia - the official website for the British High Commission in Zambia."
Category: Government & Politics >> Foreign Embassies
Human Rights Commission         

History: "Zambia pledged itself, as a Member State of the United Nations to achieve, in co-operation with the United Nations, the promotion of universal respect and observance of human rights and freedom in the nation. It is in this vein that the Government of the Republic of Zambia established the Human Rights Commission (HRC)." ...

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> NGO's
Zambia Diaspora Connect      
"The Zambia Diaspora Connect is an initiative of Zambians abroad to work with the Government of Zambia and friends of Zambia to enhance economic and social development. This blog discusses the work being undertaken and also provides an ongoing platform to discuss issues related to the Zambia diaspora. The blog is mantained by the interim Zambia Diaspora Connect Steering Group."
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Group / Hobby / Project >> Blogs
Zambia Privatisation Agency (ZPA)         
"The Zambia Privatisation Agency is an autonomous agency of the Government of the Republic of Zambia, established in 1992 through the Privatisation Act No.21 (1992). Its function is to plan, implement and control the privatisation of state owned enterprises in Zambia, in cooperation with the government, by selling them off to those who are more competent to run them and who have the required capital to do so."
Category: Government & Politics >> Autonomous Bodies
Global Issues      
"This web site looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related."
Category: *International >> Resources >> Social, Political, Economic & Environmental
Norway - the official site in Zambia         
The official website of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zambia.
Category: Government & Politics >> Foreign Embassies
Computer Aid International      
"Computer Aid International provides the highest-quality, professionally refurbished computers for reuse in education, health and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries. Computer Aid has shipped over 145,000 PCs to where they are most needed in more than 100 countries, making us the world's largest and most experienced ICT 4 Development provider."
Category: *International >> Organisations >> Independent Networks >> Aid & Donations
Z-Kids News Network      
Z-Kids News Network.
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Group / Hobby / Project >> Standard Websites
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