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Zambezi Airlines      

Zambezi Airlines commenced operations in July 2008 as a domestic airline offering scheduled flights linking Lusaka with the Copperbelt cities of Ndola and Kitwe as well as tourist and business destinations such as Livingstone, Solwezi and Chipata. The 30 seat Embraer aircraft proved very popular with passengers and the airline quickly gained a reputation for service and reliability.

Category: Business & Internet >> Tourism, Travel & Nature >> Transportation >> Airlines
Moba Hotel & Convention Centre      

“Moba Hotel and Convention Centre is a contemporary and luxurious hotel with a sense of warmth and friendliness. Situated along the busy Ndola—Kitwe dual-carriage highway, 5 mins drive from Kitwe’s central business district, the hotel sits on land that slopes gently towards the Kafue River and overlooks lush green countryside. The Hotel was officiallly opened on 27th January 2011 by the Zambia Republican President Rupiah Banda.”

Category: Business & Internet >> Tourism, Travel & Nature >> Accommodation & Catering >> Hotels
Christian poems by the most famous poets and all others who share the poet's faith and vision.
Category: *International >> Religion
People’s Action for the Country’s Transformation (PACT)      

“The People's Action for the Country’s Transformation (The Zambian People’s PACT) is a collaborative mass movement of Zambians. The mission of the People’s PACT is to bring about total transformation of the country. The policy objective is transformation of the country primarily for the benefit of all Zambian citizens in rural and urban areas and in the Diaspora.”

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> Associations
Kachepa 360      

Kachepa 360 is a blog that specializes in "Rounding up Zambia's hottest entertainment news and gossip from anywhere around the world (anywhere Zambians live) and delivering it to you in a very quick dash!!"

Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Personal / Hobby / Career >> Blogs
Used Japanese Cars for Sale | Nichibocars.com      
Nichibocars is a Nagoya based Used Car exporter, we've sold over 200,000 Used Japanese Vehicles. If you are looking for Genuine cars, trucks, vans check out Nichibocars.com for the best deals around.
Category: Business & Internet >> Import / Export >> Supplies >> Companies
Christian Coalition      

The Christian Coalition is a Christian Political Advocacy Group, which includes Christian Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Roman Catholics and members of mainline Protestant Churches; it claims 3,000 individual and Organization members. The Christian Coalition is a member of Christian Coalition of America founded by Rev. Pat Robertson.

Category: Organisations >> Religious >> Christian >> Other Institutions
“Ubwinga.com is Zambia's Online Wedding Directory by Xtreme Zambia.”
Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> Internet >> Services & Resources >> e-Commerce & Internet Marketing >> Web Portals & Directories
Mandafoods Limited      
“Mandafoods Limited started in May 2004 with a product initially developed and produced from a home Kitchen and traded as a cottage industrial product, supplying the local retail trade.”
Category: Business & Internet >> Industrial & Manufacturing >> Foods & Beverages >> Foods >> Companies
'Uprooting The Pumpkin'      

“...The title 'uprooting the pumpkin' comes from a poem called Song of Lawino by Uganda writer Okot P'bitek it is the story of story of Lawino, a woman whose husband, Ocol, throws her out of their home and brings home a more Europeanised woman as a wife. Ocol despises Black people and their traditional ways and has adopted Europeans values. Lawino uses the proverb, 'the pumpkin in the old homestead must not be uprooted' to put her point across, because pumpkins are a luxury food and to uproot pumpkins, even when you are moving to a new homestead, is wanton destruction. She is not asking Ocol to cling to everything in his past, but rather not to destroy things just for the sake of it…I love and respect my Zambian and African heritage but also appreciate the ideals of fairness and equality espoused in a multicultural England. This Blog is about trying to bridge that gap and find ways to ensure that Africa does not continue to lag behind the rest of the world. As a feminist, I am particularly interested in the plight of women on the continent.”

Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Personal / Hobby / Career >> Blogs
CONTESA Charity      

Website of the UK registered charity (1109311) CONTESA, a charity devoted to supporting AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia, through “Giving Sanctuary & Hope with Love, Compassion & Respect ... Orphans, malnutrition and basic education are major challenges in Zambia and these are CONTESA‘s main areas of support.”

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> Charities
African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)         

The African Peer Review Mechanism is an important undertaking for Africa and its people. Its main purpose is to bring about positive change by encouraging the adoption of policies, standards and practices that will bring political stability, economic growth and sustainable development, to ensure a better life for all Africans. The APRM encourages Africa and Africans, to adopt a culture of accountability and provides a means of addressing issues that can effect good governance such as corruption and misplaced priorities.

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> NGO's
Zambezi Radio      

“Zambezi Radio is an online radio broadcasting show serving the Zambian global communities. Our focus is entertaining and informing our listeners and helping artists, music producers, promoters, advertisers to better understand the benefits of promoting their products and services to the multicultural audiences we speak to everyday. We are committed to creating a positive economic and cultural impact to our listeners, advertisers, employees and shareholders.”

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> T.V. & Radio
Somarelang Investments Ltd (SIL)      

“Somarelang Investments Ltd (SIL) trading as SIL Zambia is a Information Communications Technology company which focuses on implementation of IT business solutions.”

Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> IT / Information Technology >> Companies
DatingCoreSecrets.com — Zambian Dating Site      

DatingCoreSecrets.com — Zambian Dating SiteSite for friends in Zambia, dating in Zambia, seeking women from Zambia, seeking men from Zambia. Lusaka singles free, Lusaka personals, Lusaka dating, Zambia singles, Zambia dating, Zambian singles, Zambia personals. DatingCoreSecrets.com is the free online dating site & service where you can find singles, new friends and your "one love". Online Dating Service datingcoresecrets.com gives you possibilities to find Zambian women from all over the Zambia. Search for and find a date, a friend, a soulmate, someone sharing the same interests as you, for a casual or long term relationship. Our dating website dating Zambia and online dating service datingcoresecrets.com is free to register and use, and it is growing every day.

Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Community >> Blogs
Doxa Music      

Doxa Music was incorporated in October of 2005 with the primary vision of producing, publishing, marketing, promoting, and distributing Christian music, books, films and related products.

Category: Business & Internet >> Entertainment >> Music >> Companies
Flava FM      

Kitwe, Zambia — Targeting the urban youth, Flava FM 87.7MHz went on air in March 2008. The idea of creating the station dates back to late 2004 and its incorporation in mid-2005. “Flava” is urban slang for “taste” and the station mix is tastefully varied but predominantly features hits from way back, including 1970s and 1980s R&B, rock, house, jazz, soul, gospel, ragga, kwaito, general African and Zambian music.”

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> T.V. & Radio
Kabili Branding, Zambia - Brand Development      

“What do all leading brands start with? An idea. A flash of inspiration, a thought, that just won't go away. Kabili Branding is about taking those ideas, those moments of inspiration, and turning them into a brand that engages, captures, inspires your audience. Kabili work with some of the leading brands in Zed, taking ideas to new and different levels.

Kabili Branding — brand development and concepts team based in Lusaka, Zambia using innovative ideas to promote and develop brands.”

Category: Business & Internet >> Coporate Identity >> Brands & Labels >> Companies
Kafue Camps & Safaris Ltd.         

Kafue Camps & Safaris Ltd. was created in 2006 to meet the safari needs of visitors wishing for an excellent wildlife safari experience whilst also maintaining ethical principles.

Category: Business & Internet >> Tourism, Travel & Nature >> Safari Companies >> *Safari Expeditions*
Field Ruwe, Official Website      
A website of Zambian author Field Ruwe.
Category: Arts & Culture >> Literature >> Writers
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