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Geoffrey Musonda      
"Geoffrey Musonda was born in 1965 and educated at Lubwe Boys Primary and Mwense Boys Secondary Schools. He then proceeded to University of Zambia and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. Ten years later he obtained a Master of Engineering Degree from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. He is the author of the novels, Stolen Heart published in 2007 and Dangerous Power Games published in 2009."
Category: Arts & Culture >> Literature >> Writers
Soneka Kamuhuza      
"Soneka began writing in earnest after the Zambian soccer tragedy in 1993. Needing to mitigate the painful void this tremendous event had on the nation, he wrote. Through that one act, he found an emotional outlet."
Category: Arts & Culture >> Literature >> Writers
Ellen Banda-Aaku      
"Ellen Banda-Aaku is a published writer of books for children and short stories. Her first book for children, Wandi’s Little Voice, won the 2004 Macmillan’s Writers Prize for Africa. In 2007 her short story, Sozi’s Box, won the Commonwealth Short story competition. She has published three books for children and her short stories have appeared in anthologies published in Australia, South Africa the UK and the US."
Category: Arts & Culture >> Literature >> Writers
Zedfibre is a new hub that shares Information and Communication Technologies with a keen interest in African countries especially Zambia.
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Group / Hobby / Project >> Blogs
Computer Society of Zambia      

The Computer Society of Zambia is an association of professionals in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. However, membership is also open to ICT students and non-ICT professionals. It is a non profit-making organization and whose membership is open to any ICT person or organization irrespective of nationality, religion, race or gender. The Society has a number of objectives most important of which is to be a Professional forum for persons and organisations directly or indirectly involved in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Zambia.

Category: Organisations >> Science & Technology >> Computers & IT
My African Buddies      
“My African Buddies - Connecting Africans Globally.”
Category: *International >> Social Networks
The Green Knowledge Institute (GKI)      

The Green Knowledge Institute (GKI) is a knowledge hub designed to facilitate the development of the African carbon market by building awareness, technical expertise and knowledge-sharing networks through targeted programmes designed for, and in conjunction with, government ministries, parastatals, NGOs, CBOs, private sector actors, and the media.

Category: Education & Training >> Research >> Projects
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)      

Official website of COMESA, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa."The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa traces its genesis to the mid 1960s. The idea of regional economic co-operation received considerable impetus from the buoyant and optimistic mood that characterised the period after independence in most of Africa."

Category: *International >> Southern Africa >> Politics & Economy >> Organisations
Global Organization of Parliamentarians against Corruption (GOPAC)         

The Global Organization of Parliamentarians against Corruption (GOPAC) is an international network of parliamentarians dedicated to good governance and combating corruption throughout the world.

Category: *International >> Organisations >> Independent Networks >> Anti-Corruption
Road Development Agency (RDA)      

“The RDA was established through an Act of Parliament, Public Roads Act No. 12 of 2002 to be responsible for the care, maintenance and construction of public roads in Zambia. This was aimed at removing the fragmentation and duplication in the planning and implementation of road projects. It is governed by a 16–member Board of directors drawn from various stakeholder organizations.”

Category: Government & Politics >> Executive >> Ministries, Institutions & Departments >> Agencies & Departments
Zambia Online Network | Web Portal CMS      

We are a Web Portal CMS network of interlinked ’sister’ websites. ‘Zambia Online’ is what we chose to call this CMS. All websites link to an array of distinct web services and resources such as news, web directory, online communities, b2b online trade, marketing, advertising, jobs & careers, classifieds, auctions, shopping-cart and other general web-based services and e-commerce applications. Essentially, each site is distinct in function and operates independent of the others, with an own database. Our sites are built on the viable “LAMP” solution stack: Linux (operating system), Apache (Server), MySQL (database) and PHP (scripting language).

An integral part of our network is the web directory, the ‘Zambia Online Directory’ (or ‘Zambia Web Directory)’. Apart from being a good platform for news-sharing and social commentary, the directory is without doubt Zambia’s most complete, all-inclusive online website directory and links database on Zambia, featuring business links, government, community and personal websites. The aim is to feature (possibly) all Zambian or Zambia-affiliated websites on the World Wide Web. Listing is free for both businesses and private individuals or entities, and any Zambian / Zambia-affiliated website would be added for free. Simply contact us for your link’s inclusion. Guests can register for membership and also apply to be editors. In general, certain website features may require membership. Zambia Online directory is a rich and free source of diverse and meticulously collated information and resources about Zambia.

Some of the websites in our network are commercial(the rest are not)in function, content and consistence. Essentially, our network consists of inward-pointing links to user-specific areas of e-commerce or other interest (as specified above) for direct B2B Online Trading, Product Marketing, Advertising, Business Listing / Leads, Online Auctions, Jobs & Careers, Classifieds, Shopping, Articles and much more.

Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> Internet >> Services & Resources >> e-Commerce & Internet Marketing >> Web Portals & Directories
Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD)      

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) is a Zambian based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in 2000 under CAP 119 of the laws of Zambia to deal with issues pertaining to peace, security and democracy in Zambia and the Southern African region.

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> NGO's
Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA)      
Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA)Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) is a network of NGOs advocating for just land policies and laws that take into account the interests of the poor. The alliance originated in 1997 to coordinate the efforts of its member NGOs. The formation of the alliance was necessitated by the Zambian Government’s Land Reform process initiated in the early 1990s.
Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> Associations
BH Magazine      

BHMagazine.com is an urban African lifestyle magazine. It celebrates the identity and success of young adult Africans world wide and inspires its readers to discuss their issues and concerns with regards to personal growth, love, fashion, entertainment, romance, entertainment, health, African development etc.

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> Print / Press >> Magazines
Cecily's Fund         

Cecily's Fund is a UK registered charity that makes it possible for Zambian orphans and other impoverished children to go to school.

"We give them shoes, uniforms, books, pens and help with fees, without which they could not go to school. We also help them to help other children by becoming Peer Health Educators and Teachers."

Category: Organisations >> Economic / Social / Labour & Developmental >> Charities
Chilu Lemba      

Chilu Lemba is a radio and television presenter, voice over artist and musician. Lemba shot to fame in his home country in 1996 as a radio presenter on the country's first privately owned radio station, Radio Phoenix.

Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Personal / Hobby / Career >> Standard Websites
Livingstone Tourism Association      

The Livingstone Tourism Association is the main tourism association in Livingstone. Working hard to promote the Zambian side of Victoria Falls and all its beauty.

Category: Business & Internet >> Tourism, Travel & Nature >> Associations
Radio Q-FM      

Radio Q-FM is a local radio station whose idea was mooted over a considerable number of years. Its prime business interest is purely Zambian. Q-FM is a commercial English-medium entertainment, music and information radio station targeted to an informed audience in the 15-45 age groups.

Category: Business & Internet >> News & Media >> T.V. & Radio
The Best of Zambia      

“The Best of Zambia website is an online directory for Zambia. It advertises a range of services in Zambia to a growing international and local audience through information that is design-led, comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. The Best of Zambia's ethos is that through online communication we can share knowledge in a dynamic cost-effective way so that users of the site can choose with ease the products and services for which they're looking.”

Category: Business & Internet >> Computers & IT >> Internet >> Services & Resources >> e-Commerce & Internet Marketing >> Web Portals & Directories
African Pride      
Mazuba Kapambwe's blog.
Category: People & Society >> Websites >> Personal / Hobby / Career >> Blogs
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